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Reviews and Endorsements

'Make Time for Reading" is a book that all parents and those who work with small children should read and and share with their children- as early as the 1st to 2nd years.  

- T. Berry Brazelton, M.D. Renowned pediatrician, author and co-founder of the Brazelton Touch Point Center


Make Time for Reading is a book that both parents and young children will savor. 

For children, it a story about themselves and how they grow up, told in musical rhymes with sweet, evocative illustrations. 

For parents, it is a guide to preparing their children to be able, avid readers and eager lifelong learners. It encourages parents and children to cuddle up and reminisce, to celebrate progress and to preview the joys that lie ahead.  

Make Time for Reading should be part of every young child’s library – and in the tool kit of every parent, teacher, home visitor, parent educator, pediatrician, librarian and literacy volunteer.”

Betty S. Bardige, Ed.D early childhood expert, advocate and author

I shared “Make Time for Reading” with neighbors, their grandchildren and a doctor who teaches yoga to pre-natal and new moms. Book was a real hit.  

Rev. Eileen Epperson

"Beautifully done" "Sensitive"

Mother of a toddler

“I have read your book and love it!  My daughter, a mother of a 2 year old and a child psychologist, also loves it.  It offers key the essence of how to guide our children's literacy development. “

– Grandmother